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the shamanic experience book review

after finishing reading the shamanic experience i would like to make a resume here of the important things, mostly crystals talk. So here i go Are crystal magic helpers ? each crystal supplies the power or ability to perform certain functions. A crystal can be gifted to you or so it happens you just found a crystal or just feel attracted to a crystal on the internet, i would call that crystal calling. a smooth stone has a gentle and soothing feeling, calming to the emotions and dispelling fears and anxiety, so a crystal will provide the confort you need for sure, the shape of the crystal is also important each shape has a different meaning by example a round stone suggest contentment through a willingness to be flexible and adaptable, an oval stone indicated a need to seek change. Pyramid shapes are symbolic of intuitiveness and inner knowing, while four sided rock suggest dependability arising out of self discipline and self exertion. Five sided rocks and stones indicates inventiveness and creativity and those with 6 sides stress sincerity and decisiveness. A stone with a hole is protective and uplifting. when it comes to colors, green is the colour of harmony and these stones are a reminded that love is the great bonding force. Yellow stones are concerned with the need for clarity in conveying thoughts and ideas. Blue and grey emphasize peace and serenity, white convey purity and black stones are to do with absorbing and receiving and of being inward-looking. some examples : Agate: mental stimulation

Amber:growth and development Amethyst: emotional help Diamond: prosperity Emerald: development of inner vision Jade: balanced judgment Jasper: earth wisdom Moonstone: intuition and receptiveness Obsidian: banishment Onyx: practicalities Opal: perception Rose quartz: Friendships Ruby: loyalty Sapphire: affluence Turquoise: inner peace

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